Golfbaren Aspudden, Sweden

Golfbaren Aspudden, Sweden

18 holes Adventure Golf in natural bar environment

An oasis in the middle of town, a place for a cold drink and a round of golf - It’s the Golf Bar Aspudden in a nutshell. Here the player can sit down under the trees and enjoy good food and drinks before or after the game.


The concept is ”professional miniature golf in a beautiful park” where the design has taken the environment into account. Pines, birches, a pond and an ancient rhododendron bush are some examples of what was in place from the beginning, and still remains. In addition, there is a sign at each hole that tells about the flora and fauna of the area.


Bar at the Adventure GolfBench at the adventure golf at Golfbaren Aspudden

At the holes, the player encounters natural obstacles in the form of rocks, craters, slopes, hills and more. This means that the facility requires minimal maintenance.

The course is built according to Minigolf Open Standard and can therefore host national and international competitions.


Adventure golfers at GolfbarenHave a drink at Aspudden adventure golf

Park golf from City Golf EuropePark feeling at Golfbaren Aspudden adventure golf