Project started - Stokesley Golf Range

Project started - Stokesley Golf Range

At the end of 2021, an exciting project of an adventure golf course started in connection with the Stokesley Golf Range's existing facility in England.

February 10, 2022


Adjacent to the Stokesley Golf Range and their golf course, located south of Middlesbrough in England, there is now also a popular attraction in the form of an adventure golf course.


City Golf Europe has been given the opportunity to build a total of 18 holes with exciting elements of dinosaurs, challenging obstacles, water, rafts and much more on the surface as you can see below.


Halfway into the project, some dinosaurs begin to take shape in addition to the entire facility and below you can also see the creation of a large volcano that you will be able to play through on hole 15.






The project is expected to be completed in early April 2022.